Become a SYNC 2024 Partner Organization!

SYNChronicity is the annual national HIV, HCV, STIs, harm reduction, and LGBTQ health conference led by HealthHIV, HealthHCV, and the National Coalition for LGBTQ Health. The conference features distinct sessions designed to help participants sync systems, data, programs, models, interventions, and policies, addressing and creating targeted solutions in this dynamic healthcare environment. 

SYNC partners promote the conference by sharing information about SYNC, including: 

  • Creating/sharing social media posts.
  • Distributing announcements via email with your membership/constituents.
  • Posting information on your website.
  • Adding information in your e-newsletter.

SYNC partners receive the following benefits: 

  • Discounted registration and exhibit fees.
  • Expansive visibility and branding opportunities throughout all conference promotional platforms (website, mailers, mobile app, videos, etc.) identifying all SYNC Partner Organizations with clickable logos leading to a preferred link. This can be used as an opportunity to promote an activity, new resource, etc. as our promotions reach over 75,000 healthcare professionals regularly.
  • Opportunity to help shape the conference by hosting/facilitating a session(s), leading a training, etc.
  • Interact, network and synchronize with leading organizations in this diverse healthcare community.

Please register below to become a SYNC 2024 Partner Organization. 

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