As people with HIV (PWH) age, many are seeing complications from having HIV for such a long time, as well as experiencing challenges in coordinating their HIV and overall health care. These concerns need to be prioritized—and quickly!

HealthHIV’s Pozitively Aging program seeks to improve care coordination for those aging with HIV. As part of this program, we conduct an annual survey on the state of aging with HIV.

We are asking PWH who are age 50 and older OR who have had HIV for at least 15 years to provide input on their shared life and health care experiences.

The survey results are completely anonymous, and will be used to better inform the development of education materials, in addition to enhancing communication and quality of care between service providers and PWH.

Contact Scott Bertani, Director of Advocacy, at with any questions.

Thank you for adding your input on these important topics and helping us determine the state of aging with HIV.

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